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Biceps is one of the most targeted muscle group in a bodybuilder’s body. There are tons of different exercises designed to put pressure on your biceps in hopes of making them bigger and stronger.

However, not all biceps exercises are equal. There are two different types of bicep workouts – Mass Gaining (bulking) and Muscle Defining (cutting). If you think bulking is not for you, then check out our biceps workout for muscle defining.

In this article we will show you mass gaining workout plan for your biceps. This plan is widely used by bodybuilders worldwide, both pros and amateurs, so you can be sure it works.

If you are going on a mass gaining campaign, be sure to adjust your diet accordingly for maximum results. You want to consume foods that will help you recover muscle faster and help it grow bigger.

The first muscle people usually notice are the biceps. So if you want to build massive guns to drop jaws and stop conversations, then this is right for you.

The Warm-up

We highly recommend you begin your workout sessions with a nice warm up to get your blood flowing and your body ready. This way you reduce the chance of injuring yourself during the heavy lifting.

Warm up is one of the most important aspects of a workout, do not neglect it. All you need is 5 minutes on the treadmill, bike or jump rope or any other exercise that makes you move your body and get your juices going.

Don’t waste these 5 minutes, prepare your mentality as well, visualize your goals, your desires and see yourself accomplishing them.

The Mass Gaining Biceps Workout

These are the following exercises and reps you need to be doing for an effective mass gaining biceps workout:

Exercise Sets Reps
Standing curl 5 Sets 10, 10, 8, 6, 6
Preacher curl 3 Sets 6, 8, 10
Concentration curl 2 Sets 12, 12
Hammer curl 3 Sets 10, 10, 8

The Standing Barbell Curl


This exercise is the grandfather of bodybuilding. The standing barbell curl will set the tone for the rest of your workout so make sure you do it right. Here you will have to raise the weight with each set and lower the rep. This is very important for mass gaining workouts so make sure you remember it.

Grab the barbell at about shoulder width with a palms-up grip. Now, when doing this exercise, make sure you keep your body firm and strong. Don’t start swinging your arms or twisting your shoulders or hips. If you see yourself doing any of these, that means the weight is too much for you at this time and you will be just wasting your time. Keep your body firm and strong for maximum resistance.

As you begin to lift the barbell, inhale more than usual and hold your breath as you flex your elbow to lift the weight. Don’t move your elbows, try to keep them in one place or you will lower the resistance and the effectiveness of the workout.

Exhale as you reach the top and then start lowering the bar down to the starting position. As you reach the start position, immediately inhale and start lifting the bar back up.

Repeat the reps and keep your body firm and straight and your elbows stationary. Not before long, you will begin to see the difference.

The Preacher Curl


The preacher curl is another great exercise for building biceps muscle. It limits the involvement of the back and shoulders so the risk of losing potential gains here is lower. Here you start heavy and increase your reps with each set. If you are having trouble completing this exercise, try reducing the weight a bit with each set.

Make sure you adjust the pad height so that you are sitting at a fairly firm and upward position. Make sure the pad goes all the way up under your armpits. Hold the bar with a palms up, inhale and while holding your breath, curl the weight up using only your elbows.

Exhale as you reach the top, return to the starting position, inhale again and repeat. That’s it, a pretty easy exercise.

The Concentration Curl


You will be using dumbbells for this one and train one arm at a time. Same weight for both sets with enough weight for maximum resistance. Don’t go easy here or you will miss out on potential muscle mass gains.

Sit on your bench with your legs apart. Grab your dumbbell and place your triceps on the inside of your thigh for support. For maximum effectiveness, keep your triceps pressed against your thigh at all times.

Now, inhale deeply and curl the weight up using your elbow. When the weight gets close enough to your chest, exhale and go down to the starting position. Once you reach the starting position, inhale again and repeat.

One set is 12 reps with your left arm and 12 reps with your right arm.

The Hammer Curl


This is the finishing exercise but don’t go easy here as well. Make sure you use a challenging weight. You will use a neutral grip here (palms facing your body). For this exercise you will be standing up, holding a dumbbell in each hand.

Just as all standing exercises, keep your body firm and your elbows locked, you don’t want to be twisting your body or arms and lose on gains.

Now, as you stand up with your dumbbells in hands, inhale and lift the weight in your right hand using only your elbow. Keep your body firm and don’t swing your back. Once at the top, exhale and go down to the starting position. Now, inhale and repeat the same movement using the weight in your left hand.

Count reps for only your right hand, this way you will make sure you have done the right amount of reps for each hand.


And there you have it. One of the most effective mass gaining bicep workouts out there. You don’t need some serious equipment here, just a lot of motivation and dedication.

Do your exercises the correct way, combine with a suitable mass gaining diet and you will begin to see a difference in the size of your arms in no time. Just keep a close eye on the weights you are using. Mass gaining means using heavier weights with lower reps, but as you progress and your muscles grow, you might need to increase the weights more to progress further.

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Stan Georgiev
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