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  1. Introduction
  2. What Is Hydro Matrix?
  3. How Does It Work?
  4. Who Made It?
  5. How To Use It?
  6. Flavors, Taste and Mix
  7. Benefits
  8. Feedback
  9. Testimonials
  10. Price and Shipping
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Hydro Matrix from 4 Dimensional Nutrition (4DN) is a very curious protein powder supplement. It’s main purpose is to fill your body up with amino acids, allowing you to recover faster, build more muscle and have an overall performance boost during your workout.

I think you’ll agree when I say that building big muscles and a huge body is hard work.

Well, with the help of 4DN’s protein powder things might take and interesting turn.

In this Hydro Matrix review I will tell you what makes this supplement so popular so you can decide for yourself whether it’s suitable for your workout or no.

Just like every other protein out there, this one’s main goal is to provide high quality protein for your improved performance. And that is not a bad thing since protein is required for faster and better recovery and more muscle and body growth. The question with such supplements, however, is how pure it is and how well it is digested by your body.

What Is Hydro Matrix

This so called anabolic protein uses unique formula and methods of isolation. This supplement, made in the USA, offers 100% hydrolyzed whey protein. What does that mean you may ask? Well, as it turned out, this unique method of isolation gets rid of the short chain amino acids and this way it improves digestibility and quality.

This method of isolation is truly innovative because it leaves only the highest quality of protein that are easiest to digest. That on the other hand means minimum waste and maximum gains. One serving comes with 24g of hydrolyzed whey protein, and you get about 45 servings per container.

Another great thing about Hydro Matrix is that each serving comes with 0 fats or any other fillers that could contaminate the purity. If you are a hardcore bodybuilder, you know how important it is to have such high quality aminos for your muscles. Choosing the right protein is important, I advise you to read on and find out how Hydro Matrix actually works and find out if you should include it in your diet.

How Does It Work?

Well, we covered some of the important stuff here in the previous sections but let’s round it up. Hydro Matrix works by providing the high quality and easy to digest amino acids that your body needs to recover faster and grow more muscles. This supplement boost your anabolism for maximum gym performance.

Protein is essential for muscle recovery and is used by bodybuilders all around the world. Protein also comes in many foods that you might want to include in your diet. The main difference between protein in food and protein powder is that the powder is much more concentrated and thus, will have a bigger impact on your body and performance.

Nowadays the market is flooded with supplements and picking the right one is a tough choice. There are many low quality products out there that you do not want to waste your money on. Lucky for you, Muscle Bash is here to give you full and in depth reviews on only the best of the best.

4dn hydro matrix

Who Made It?

Hydro Matrix is designed and manufactured by 4 Dimensional Nutrition in the USA. Most USA manufacturers are well know all around the world for their high quality and effective supplements. 4DN is no exception with Hydro Matrix being one of their biggest hits.

They have a vast range of products for every need. They specialize in muscle building but they have a few weight loss products as well. 4DN spends a lot of time researching and developing their high quality formulas in order to deliver great results.

4DN has been around for some time now but it doesn’t seem like they have been given the attention they deserve. They are not offering the most popular products but they do offer good quality. The availability of their products is kind of disappointing. Not all of their products are available worldwide and some are even hard to find in the USA. Not to mention their prices are pretty high outside the US.

How To Use Hydro Matrix?

It’s very easy to take. Just take one serving and mix it with around 250g of water or milk. For maximum performance you need to take 3 shakes per day – once before workout, once after workout and once before bed.

It’s important to follow these instructions because protein gives you a short amount of time to be utilized. You take it before workout so you can have the performance boost you need for a more intense workout. You take it right after workout for the recovery and muscle building properties. And you take it before sleep for maximum recovery, since muscle grow during rest.

All that adds up to 3 servings per day which means one bucket will last you around 15 days. That’s one of the main reasons why most bodybuilders don’t rely only on protein powder to build muscle – it’s not as cost effective as you’d like.

This supplement contains soy and milk so be careful if you are allergic.

Flavors, Taste and Mix.

Hydro Matrix comes in 3 flavors – Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla. All 3 flavors are amazing and taste great with strawberry taking the first place.

As far as mixing goes, it’s great. The supplement works great with milk and doesn’t leave any chunks or blocks if you stir it long enough. Mixing it with water is not as tasty as it is with milk. But hey, you don’t take it for the flavor, right?

Benefits Of Taking Hydro Matrix.

We already covered most of the benefits in the previous sections but we will sum them all up now. The main benefits are:

  • High quality and pure protein
  • Great for big gains and muscle building
  • Great for performance boosting and strength
  • Great for muscle recovery
  • Super high digestibility and absorption by the body

Using this supplement will really make a difference in your workout. You will notice it’s effects very fast whether you are trying to get lean or bulk up.

hydro matrix real bottle

Community Feedback

The overall community feedback is pretty positive in regards to this protein powder. Most people say they have really seen a positive difference in their bodies after using it. Most people say they are very happy with how the supplement tastes and how it works. All that can only mean one thing, the 100% hydrolyzed protein is top notch.

In terms of negative feedback, I have searched a lot but was unable to find any serious complaints about this product. The most serious negativism I could find was connected to the flavor but that is pretty subjective to say the least. The bodybuilding community really loves this product in general.


I have used Hydro Matrix for 3 months now I managed to gain 6kg of pure muscle mass. It’s amazing, definitely worth every penny. It tastes great and it works great. I strongly recommend you give it a try. The downside is the price. People who may want to get big results may find that troublesome. – Carl Smith, USA

This is the tastiest mix I have ever tried. But taste does not matter in bodybuilding. That’s OK because results are also amazing. I could really feel a difference in my performance and recovery with this protein. – Jamal Kashi, USA

Tastes great and it works great, there is really not much more to say. A bit expensive for your every day bodybuilder but I guess you gotta decide that for yourself. I loved it and I’ll use it again – Danny Garcia, USA

Price and Shipping

Alright, we are down to one of the most important parts of this review. The price for 45 servings bucket is $48.95. This rounds up to about $1 per serving or $3 per day. Not that bad comparing to other brands. But the reason why you can’t solely rely on protein powder for bodybuilding is because for optimal results you will need around 3 months supply. For your every day Joe that may be a little bit pricey. So I guess you have to make your calculations.

As far as shipping goes… terrible for people outside the US. Not to mention the availability of Hydro Matrix is pretty bad. For some reason it’s very hard to find this supplement even in the US. I tried to contact 4DN about this but I got no response from them.


A truly powerful protein powder with pure and high quality amino acids. The 100% hydrolyzed process really leaves a remarkable product behind. If you are looking for good protein then this one is for you. If you are looking to bulk up or build lean muscle then this one is for you. If you are looking to boost your recovery then this one is for you. The downside is the availability, hard to come by for some reason.


  • Quality whey protein
  • Build muscle
  • Recover faster
  • Boost strength and performance
  • Good digestibility
  • Good flavors
  • Good mix


  • Bad availability
  • Expensive outside the US
  • Low cost effectiveness
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Stan Georgiev
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