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Track, from Blackwolf is a pre-workout protein powder supplement only for men. It is specially designed to boost energy, focus and endurance during all your workouts throughout the week. This supplement is great for men who are struggling with their gym performance.

Blackwolf is a relatively new brand on the market that offers different supplements for men and women. That sounds like a good idea, considering the fact that what works best for men may not work best for women.

The brand specializes in powder supplements for pre-workout intra-workout and post-workout. Blackwolf products are ideal for those non-hardcore bodybuilders who want to build and maintain a sexy looking body without going overboard with supplements.

The product range is designed to cover all aspects of your workout, starting from energy boosting going through performance enhancement and ending at recovery and growth.

What Is Track?

track-bodybuilderTrack is a unique pre-workout formula that is designed to give you all the power, energy and endurance you need to build the perfect body.

It is a protein powder supplement that includes quality ingredients such as:

  • BCAA: The branched-chain amino acid are known to trigger muscle protein synthesis. This is especially important for muscle growth. BCAAs can be obtained from various foods but, as a bodybuilder, you, your body and your muscles can surely benefit from extra acids for better and faster results.
  • Protein Isolates: Protein isolates are considered to be the highest quality protein for muscle building. Protein varies in terms of digestibility and thus, effectiveness. Most protein leaves your body without giving you much benefit, but protein isolates are known to have the highest level of digestibility. That means your muscles will be “fed” and have what they need to grow and get stronger.
  • A blend of Vitamins: All the different vitamins that come with Track will play important role for your workout. Vitamins B12 and B6 will boost your focus allow you train like a man of steel. The rest of the vitamins will boost endurance and slow down fatigue, allowing you to go through all your sets and reps with ease.

As you can see, Track offers everything a pre-workout supplement needs. It may not be the supplement-to-go for heavy lifters and hardcore bodybuilders, but it’s surely the supplement you need to boost performance and build an amazing looking body.

Why You Need It?

That’s easy, you need Track to boost performance and build a better body. Track is a great pre-workout supplement with ton of quality ingredients that will surely:

  • Boost energy
  • Increase performance
  • Lower fatigue
  • Increase endurance
  • Burn fat
  • Build lean muscle
  • Boost focus and motivation

As we mentioned before, Track is not a hardcore bodybuilding supplement. It’s more for the casual bodybuilders who have trouble completing their workouts or fail to see the results they hoped for.

The ingredients include in Track are both potent and effective. If you follow your workout schedule and a suitable diet, you can expect very impressive transformation.

The benefits you get from this supplement are very important for your bodybuilding success. Many people fail to complete their workouts and thus, suffer in their results. Some people don’t have the power, others don’t have the energy or the motivation and dedication for an effective workout. With Track, you not only solve the most common bodybuilding problems, but you also step up your game for much bigger and impressive gains.

How To Use It?

The supplement comes with detailed instructions on how to use it. As a protein powder supplement, you would want to mix it with either water, milk or some juice.

With powder supplements, taste and mix quality are pretty important. You don’t want to drink something absolutely awful or something that doesn’t mix well and stays in chunks. As for the taste, Track doesn’t really taste like anything. It has a slight hint of vanilla and that’s it. As for the mixing part, it does mix well. Mixing it with milk seems to be best, it’s looks nice and smooth without any junks.

One can of Track is about 450g of powder. According to Blackwolf, that’s 15 servings of 30g each. The recommended dosage is up to 3 times daily 30 minutes before workout. This here is the tricky part. If you take it 3 times daily, that means one can is enough for 5 days… And to see results, you need to use it at least 45 days and one can is $45. My advice is, take it once per day before workout but make sure your workout is super intensive. You want to squeeze everything out of your gym time.

Price and Shipping

As mentioned. one can of 450g is $45 which leads to about $3 per serving. However, there is a simple reason for that – Blackwolf want’s you to buy the stacks. One stack that includes a pre-workout, intra-workout and a post-workout supplement costs $83. This way you completely cover all aspects of your workout, starting from performance boosting, all the way to recovery. By getting the stack you get a total of 45 servings which rounds to $1.85 per serving. If you train about 3 times a week, one stack will last you about a month. Honestly, the pricing is a total mess in my opinion.

Shipping is 100% Worldwide Free. That is something I love to see and I wish more brands commit to this shipping model.


To wrap this up, Track is a great pre-workout supplement that includes high quality ingredients, designed to boost performance. Blackwolf is more tailored towards casual bodybuilders who are having trouble with their workouts. It gives them pretty much everything they need to hit the gym hard and build the sexy body and muscle they have always wanted. Hardcore bodybuilders can surely get something more potent for their money.


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  • Easy to use
  • Great pre-workout
  • Boost performance
  • Burn fat
  • Build lean muscle
  • Boost focus and motivation


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