Nitric Max Muscle Review – Why To Stay Away

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  1. Introduction
  2. What Is Nitric Max Muscle?
  3. How Does It Work?
  4. Who Made It?
  5. How To Use It?
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Bodybuilding is something amazing. Working out hard for those awesome results and big muscles is something everyone should try. But sometimes, we have problems with getting results. That may be due to a number of things. One such thing is supplements. Many bodybuilders reach out and get a supplement that helps them in the gym, improves their performance and gives them what they need to build muscle.

Sadly, there are companies out there whose primary goal is to take advantage of our love for bodybuilding. One such example are the manufacturers of Nitric Max Muscle. This is one of those “Free Trials” supplements that are meant to be so powerful and effective that you won’t even have to workout at all to build muscle.

What Is Nitric Max Muscle

They claim it a nitric oxide combined with other ingredients for strength, endurance, stamina boost and more. In general, when done right, nitric oxide is great for bodybuilding and you can read more about it here.

But in short, it’s great for boosting recovery time since it supports the blood flow to your muscles. That means your muscles will be well “fed” with oxygen and nutrients and will be able to recover and grow faster.

Nitric oxide is also great for boosting endurance, energy, and strength. Making it a great ingredient to have before a hard and exhausting workout.

How It Works

Nitric Max Muscle claims to cover all the points from the previous section through a process called Nitric Oxide Synthase. They say this process will make you stronger, durable and full of energy. Pretty much everything you need for the perfect pre-workout supplement.

But there is one important thing to notice. This supplement, Nitric Max Muscle is not as effective as you would think. That may be due to low quality ingredients or the fact that they just want to hook you up on the free trial and then enroll you for a monthly payment.

My personal recommendation is to stay away from this product since there are strong evidence of scam in their website.

Who Made Nitric Max Muscle?

Here is the fun part. I did not find any manufacturer name for this product but my research have found two potential candidates. The first is Fit Crew USA who are responsible for Xtreme Testrone and other free trial products. The second candidate is Biotrim Labs. It is possible that they are both copies of one another. And my research have shown that both companies are accused of “fraud”.

I have come across customers who claim the product is very ineffective. They say you get hooked up on the free trail and then they place you on a monthly payment list and charge you every 30 days. They way it works is – you give them your personal and payment details in order to get your free trial. And if you are not reading carefully, it is very easy to get confused and sign up for 8 bottles, $30 each. Which basically means you will be charged around $240 per month. And there is no way to get the free trial or buy the supplement without subscribing.

Looking at the website, their Contacts, Privacy Policy, and Terms pages are empty. And their “Safe Buy” inspection does not lead to a real certificate. I don’t know about you, but my red flags are raising up.

How To Use It?

For the sake of this review, and assuming that the supplement is real, we will continue. As a pre-workout supplement, you are suppose to take it before workout (doh). Now, I was unable to find any clear instructions on how to use this supplement. I found out that one bottle comes with 90 tablets which is the regular size of any other supplement bottle.


As mentioned earlier, nitric oxide has various bodybuilding benefits such as boosting:

  • Recovery rate
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Blood flow
  • Oxygen transportation
  • And more

By using a good and effective nitric oxide booster, you can expect an amazing performance increase as well as great bodybuilding results. But that may not be the case with Nitric Max Muscle. As you have probably noticed so far, I have not used this product due to the strong signs of scam. But I have made an extensive research, finding people all over the world who claim this product is very weak in terms of effectiveness. That leads me to believe that the company does not care to invest in quality, their primary goal are your cash.

Price And Shipping

Nitric Max Muscle seems to be available worldwide. As per the price, seems pretty high at around $40 per bottle after you free trial ends. Be careful when signing up, it is very easy to get confused and sign up for a monthly supply of over $200. Overall, Nitric Max Muscle is pretty expensive compared to other, more effective pre-workout supplements.

As per the shipping – they do not speak of any shipping cost but it seems they add extra 15% for orders outside the US. Strange practice for sure.


The supplement and it’s website are showing very high signals of fraud so I recommend looking elsewhere for a pre-workout or a nitric oxide supplement. No contact, terms and privacy pages, no clear manufacturer, hard to believe testimonials and a very thin website overall suggest a scam.

Judging by people who have enrolled for this free trial, do not order.


  • Free Trial


  • Strong Signs Of Scam
  • Expensive
Stan Georgiev
Stan Georgiev
I am a bodybuilder ever since I turned 16. My experience and love for bodybuilding has made me an expert when it comes to supplements and workouts. I own a small fitness club and my wish is to help people become better at bodybuilding and fitness. That's why I have decided to start this blog and provide detailed supplements reviews and other useful bodybuilding information.

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