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EVL Performance Powder 30 Worldwide $22.99


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There are a ton of pre-workout supplements available, all intended to get your body ready for the workout to come. The same applies to post-workout supplements. But what about a supplement that is intended to replace your non-workout drinks such as coffee, soda, or other energy drinks? We will examine the BCAA Energy supplement and see how it measures up to everyday alternative drinks and supplements.

What Is BCAA Energy?

No doubt about it, serious workouts demands serious solutions to recover lost energy. BCAA Energy is a solution that you can take anytime, making it an all-day supplement regardless if it is pre-workout, post-workout, or between workouts. You will realize improved performance throughout the day and especially during your workouts. That makes it the ideal solution for almost every body type and lifestyle.

The supplement includes caffeine and other potent ingredients, including critical antioxidants and BCAA. This is very potent so you need to be very careful when you take it. Read the description carefully and make sure it does not include anything that is not meant for you.

How To Use It?

As everyone knows, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. While you can take BCAA Energy anytime, it is recommended you moderate its use based on your body’s expected energy demands. If you are expecting a mid-level energy demand, one serving should be sufficient to maintain your energy level. High demand times such as training or post-workout recovery generally will require between 2 and 3 servings to maintain your body’s energy demands. Because everyone’s body responds differently, you are encouraged to customize your serving sizes and times according to your needs.

BCAA Energy Highlights

Before we get into specific ingredients, let’s take a little time to emphasize the major benefits of BCAA Energy.

  • Zero calories
  • Naturally energizes your body
  • Zero carbs
  • Highest quality BPAAs
  • 6.5 grams of total amino acid groups per serving

Comes in a variety of mixable and palatable flavors. No doubt, it’s a testy supplement and it mixes very well and very easy. We did not get an answer as to why the unflavored version costs more than the flavored ones. Price per unflavored serving is about $0.87 and the price per flavored serving is from $0.65 to $0.76 depending on the size.

Unflavored – 40 serving size

30 Serving Flavors

  • Fruit Punch
  • Orange Dream
  • Lemon Lime
  • Furious Grape
  • Blue Raz
  • Cherry Limeade
  • Green Apple

70 serving flavors

  • Blue Raz
  • Fruit Punch
  • Cherry Limeade


BCAA Critical Compounds

This won’t be an evaluation of every single ingredient because if we were to tell you about Blue Raz flavoring or what Vitamin C is we doubt you would be interested. But for the power ingredients you need to know how safe BCAA Energy is, so here is the short list.

The amounts for each of the listed ingredients are based on a serving size of 2 scoopfuls of the product. As a rule of thumb, use 4 scoops for moderate energy demands, 6 scoops for maximum workouts. Add cold water, and mix.

  • L-Leucine – Your body does not naturally produce this amino acid, so loading up on it can only help your muscle development and recovery time. In BCAA Energy, it is instantized and trademarked as AminoBlast: 2,500 mg.
  • L-Isoleucine – Like L-Leucine, this protein must be ingested: 1,250 mg.
  • L-Valine – Another amino acid that must come from outside sources. However, you can get significant amounts of L-Valine from other sources such as meats and soy products but likely not enough to power up after strenuous workouts: 1,250 mg.
  • Beta-Alanine is trademarked as CarnoSyn and is one of the ingredients you have to keep a close watch over. The 500 mg level is generally considered to be safe for most users, but excessive amounts of Beta-Alanine can result in paresthesia, or the pins and needles feeling. Should you get that feeling anywhere in your body, discontinue use and make an appointment to see a health care provider.
  • L-Alanine – This is something that your body naturally produces in large quantities relatively easily. So why is it included? Because the 500 mg amount boosts the rate at which your body converts glucose to proteins, replacing muscle tissue loss. In other words, it helps you replace muscle tissue faster.
  • Taurine – The 500 mg amount of Taurine is just slightly higher than what a normal person needs to get through a normal day. But workouts will require you to have much more of this in your body because this is an essential a protein for your heart and nervous system to function properly.

BCAA Energy Cons

Sadly, this supplement falls short in pretty much every field. For a product to be advertised as a post-workout supplement, BCAA Energy is extremely ineffective. Yeas, you do get a good energy boost and recover somewhat of your exhausted energy levels. But post-workout supplements should focus more on recovering and rebuilding muscle tissue more and less on recovering energy levels.


As far as safety goes, you need to be very careful with how much of this supplement you use. BCAA Energy contains high amounts of caffeine. If you overdose yourself you risk of completely crashing your body and losing tons of bodybuilding progress. Also some people are not suited well at processing caffeine so keep a close eye on how your body responds to this product. Also pregnant or nursing women should avoid this supplement entirely. People under 18 must absolutely avoid this product. Some potential side effects may occur such as “tingling feelings” so avoid the formula if you wish to spare yourself any unwanted problems.

Price and Shipping

Price is $34.99 which sounds like a fair price for such a supplement. The 30 servings packs are a little bit cheaper at $22.99 and the bigger 70 servings packs are $45.99. EVL Nutrition are famous for their low prices but their international shipping fees are pretty high. If you live outside the US you can expect shipping fees over $30. You can also find their products for sale on third party websites but do not expect the shipping fees to be any lower.

On the plus side. You can find much better and much more affordable and effective supplements somewhere else. BCAA Energy in our experience has proven to be inefficient enough to be ignored.

Notes and Warnings

At least one of the ingredients can cause you some problems if you use too much. The manufacturer’s recommendation is for no more than 24 scoops a day – which is a lot. Women who are nursing are not to use BCAA Energy. Also keep in mind there is a moderate amount of caffeine as part of the ingredients, so if you want to avoid products that contain caffeine, this is not for you.

All and all, BCAA Energy is not the ideal post-workout supplement because it’s stuffed with all sorts of ingredients that your post-workout recovery can do without. It appears EVL Nutrition have tried to make something like an universal supplement that is able to give you energy and muscle growth at the same time. In my opinion, it fails on both fronts. Not safe enough combination of ingredients that are not as effective as you want then to be. There are much better post-workout supplements on the market.

Stan Georgiev
Stan Georgiev
I am a bodybuilder ever since I turned 16. My experience and love for bodybuilding has made me an expert when it comes to supplements and workouts. I own a small fitness club and my wish is to help people become better at bodybuilding and fitness. That's why I have decided to start this blog and provide detailed supplements reviews and other useful bodybuilding information.

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