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Cellucor Performance Powder 30 Worldwide $29.99


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What Is Alpha Amino?

Alpha Amino from Cellucor is a post-workout supplement in the form of powder. The primary goal of a post-workout supplement is to help you recover faster and gain more muscle from your workouts. You take Alpha Amino right after you are done with your workout. Timing is very important when it comes to post-workout supplements. If you wait longer than 45 minutes you will basically lose all the benefits of Alpha Amino. Taking this supplement on time means you will feed your muscles everything they need to grow and give yourself everything you need to rest well. A good post-workout rest means you will grow more muscle and reduce the chance of hitting the wall the next time you hit the gym.

This post-workout supplement comes with 14 different amino acids that will help you grow muscle, hydrate and recover much more effectively and faster. Amino acids are the major player in Alpha Amino. They are proven to deliver various benefits for bodybuilders and athletes. Some Amino acids are also proven to stimulate the production of Growth Hormones. Make sure you have a powerful enough workout that will drain you out completely. That way you will be able to take full advantage of this supplement and grow the maximum amount of muscle in the shortest time.

Alpha Amino comes in 5 different flavors: Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Mixed Berry and Lemon Lime. The supplement also comes in 2 different sizes: 30 and 50 servings. No doubt this product is very tasty and easy to take.

Who Made It?

Cellucor is by far one of the most, if not the most established names in the bodybuilding and the supplements niche. Their product range is vast and offers everything you and your workout might need… or might not need. They are famous for making high quality supplements for pre-workout, post-workout, weight loss and testosterone boost. The majority of their supplements come in powder and in many flavors,

The company has won many awards from many well established bodybuilding and supplements sites. The brand has been voted many times as “brand of the month” and the” year”. If you are looking for potent supplements that can take your workout to a whole new level, then you should give them a go. Cellucor has proven themselves experts at muscle growth.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned before, Alpha Amino is a post-workout supplement. You need to take it within 45 minutes after your workout. The formula includes 14 amino acids to help you grow muscle mass, recover faster and be ready to outperform yourself. You take one scoop of almost 13 grams with water. Alpha amino and the amino acids serve as food for your muscles after you “break” them at the gym.

Amino acids are what make protein and muscle tissue and that is why they are essential for muscle growth. Many experts make the connection between recovery, muscle growth and amino acids. Thanks to that, almost every post-workout supplement today is a blend of amino acids. Does it work? That is something you need to discover for yourself. In order to really experience the benefits of amino acids, you need to make sure your workout is really intense. The more you beat up your muscles at the gym, the more effective Alpha Amino becomes.


This supplement is a pretty well balanced blend, optimized to deliver everything your muscles need. Read the listed ingredients carefully and contact a professional if you have any concerns.

  • Calcium is included in the formula
  • Magnesium for energy and performance.
  • Phosphorus is very important for energy production.
  • Potassium is proven to be very beneficial for your metabolism and blood pressure
  • Sodium, despite all the controversy, has some benefits for the body such as better recuperation.

And the main ingredients are Cellucor’s trademarked Alpha-BCAA Matrix and Alpha Amino Complex that include a whole lot of amino acids designed to optimize your recover and muscle growth.

Why You Need It?

Are constantly hitting walls with your performance and workout and finding yourself unable to perform at your peak? Are having constant troubles with resting and recovering? Feeling muscle sore for much longer than you should? If the answer is yes, then you need to look into this supplement or some other post-workout supplement.

Post-workout supplements will give you the ability to reach new heights and new performance levels. You will be able to grow more muscle and ultimately, gain the body you have always wanted. Recovery is the second biggest part of bodybuilding. Being able to recover faster and better means your workout is much more successful.


Alpha Amino is one pretty good post-workout supplement. It really does help me recover faster and build more muscle. The day after my hard workout, I feel ready to go back to the gym and give it all I have. I strongly recommend you try Alpha Amino as your post workout supplement. Very effective and easy to mix. Kajetan Gustaw, Poland

This is by far the best tasting supplement I have ever tried. All the flavors are amazing and are very easy to mix. I have not experienced any side effects from taking Alpha Amino and it supplies me with everything I need to recover and build muscle. For 60 days I managed to transform my body, skim my body fat percent and feel amazing about myself. Sohail Sikandar, Pakistan

Pretty decent price for such post-workout supplement. I can see why many people might not find this worth their money or fail to see any results. You really need to step up your game if you want to build serious muscle mass. The supplement does work no doubt, but you gotta be ready to give it your A game if you wanna get anywhere. Paxton Branson, USA

Price and Shipping

Alpha Amino is available for sale at major bodybuilding retailers as well as Cellucor’s website and other certified websites. The price is $29.99 for 30 servings and $39.99 for 50 servings. Make sure you search every available seller since there are constant discounts running.

Shipping is worldwide if you plan to buy it online. Keep your eyes open for free worldwide shipping or any other shipping fees.


Alpha Amino is one very effective post-workout supplement. The formula includes essential for recovery and muscle growth amino acids. If you plan to go hard with your workout then you should consider adding this supplement to your post-workout routine. Combined with the right diet and workout, you will quickly experience intense muscle growth and performance boost.

Whether you are an under achiever having problems with performance and recovery or a hard gainer pushing the limits, Alpha Amino is something you can benefit from.

Stan Georgiev
Stan Georgiev
I am a bodybuilder ever since I turned 16. My experience and love for bodybuilding has made me an expert when it comes to supplements and workouts. I own a small fitness club and my wish is to help people become better at bodybuilding and fitness. That's why I have decided to start this blog and provide detailed supplements reviews and other useful bodybuilding information.

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