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Bodybuilding steroids are medicines taken to improve muscle strength as well as athletic performance. If misused, a variety of problems can be experienced. They are responsible for influencing body metabolism and also formation of certain vitamins together with other fundamental substances. Athletes make use of steroids to build strong muscles and increase their overall body weight.

Research shows that by using steroids, bodybuilders can train intensively for up to six days in a whole week but still continue to grow faster. Whereas use of natural bodybuilders makes one to get tired quickly due to the feeling of being over trained. The “Biology” behind this is the ability to retain more nitrogen than what the human body can handle.

Another study revealed that men gained up to 6 kilograms of body mass after six weeks of regular use of steroids. This was accompanied by 15 %– 25% increase in muscle strength. Muscle mass gained is clearly visible around the upper arms, shoulders and chest than other areas of the body because muscles in these parts contain more androgen receptors compared with others like in the legs.

Steroids were first created for people with various diseases. Among other things, they help regain weight loss due to a serious illness. They are also used by people to treat some hormone deficiencies or disbalances. Later on, people began to discover the muscle building and bodybuilding effects of steroids on the body.

How do they build muscles?

Steroids are synthetic – prepared in the laboratory. Derivative of the natural testosterone hormone known to stimulate muscle growth, a process called anabolic effect. Once ingested, they travel to the user’s muscle tissue through blood vessels before being pushed into the androgen receptor, the receiving dock of the muscle cells. The eventual interaction of steroid and muscle cells stimulates the synthesis of proteins hence promoting multiplication / growth of more cells. Different quantities and varieties of steroid can lead to different reactions that produce strong athletic muscles or monolithic body building physiques. This is because of a steroid’s ability to stimulate the production of more proteins by the muscle cells of the human body.

When taken, steroids are broken down into small molecules which can easily pass into the body cells where they bind to androgen receptors. They then take up the role of testosterone since the shaping of androgen receptors is specifically meant to bind with natural testosterone. As a result, changes in behavior of certain genes is experienced especially those controlling the unique changes associated with puberty.


In recent years the term “Legal Steroids” began to emerge. Legal steroids are designed to mimic the effects of anabolic steroids in terms of muscle building and bodybuilding but without any of the side effects. By far the most famous legal steroids manufacturer is Crazy Bulk.

They have proven that it is possible to build huge muscle mass fast, without putting your health at risk. Bodybuilders worldwide are sending their feedback about Crazy Bulk and their products and the results are amazing. Few of the pluses are that legal steroids come in pills and are taken orally without any injections. No prescription is required and the shipping is free for US and EU.

Here are some of the best selling and most effective legal steroids:

  • D-Bal is known for improving the size and shape of human muscles and the overall strength levels. It eases the synthesis of more proteins as it increases nitrogen retention by muscle tissues. By far the best and most effective muscle builder found on the market. People use it for boosting strength and bulking cycles.
  • Anadrole is used as a supplement as it can be stack with other products and is important in delaying fatigue as well as manufacture of red blood cells and oxygen transportation in the body. Made as an alternative to Oxymethalone, it works great for boosting strength, performance and recovery. Great for bulking.
  • Trenorol is helpful in formulating the release of high levels of testosterone and nitrogen retention hence the resulting muscle mass improvement. It is capable of cutting the burning properties of fats without risking your health. A safe alternative designed to mimic the effects of Trenbolone. Used for stamina and endurance levels for intense bulking or cutting workouts.
  • Anvarol can be used in place in place of Anavar and helps in maintaining a leaner and attractive “cut” look. Additionally, it improves muscle mass and strength. Anvarol is the ultimate cutting steroid for building lean muscle mass and getting the ultimate physique.

These are just a few of the top selling legal steroids on the market. The range of products goes on and offers a lot of amazing options to build a lot of muscle mass.

Final Thoughts

We believe there is no living person who does not want to have the perfect, well-toned and muscular body. But there are some limits that common sense dictates. Taking the old fashioned bodybuilding steroid is a no-go due to the various side effects and health risks they bring along.

But the bodybuilding niche is growing faster then ever and the demand for quality and effective supplements keeps growing. Lucky for all of us, the market nowadays is filled with many different products. But how do know which one is good and which one is not? That is why we started Muscle Bash, where you can read complete reviews on the most famous and used bodybuilding supplements and legal steroids. We give you all the information you need to make a decision and pick the product that is most suitable for you and your body.

Bodybuilding is balanced combination of effort, dedication, motivation and supplementation. Be smart and read our quality tips and reviews and optimize your success rate and muscle gain to the max.

Stan Georgiev
Stan Georgiev

I am a bodybuilder ever since I turned 16. My experience and love for bodybuilding has made me an expert when it comes to supplements and workouts. I own a small fitness club and my wish is to help people become better at bodybuilding and fitness. That’s why I have decided to start this blog and provide detailed supplements reviews and other useful bodybuilding information.

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