7 Tips On Bigger Muscles For Beginners


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  2. Stay Constant
  3. Perform The Right Way
  4. Exercises For You
  5. Goals
  6. The Diet
  7. The Motivation
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All the time in our daily life, we see guys with huge muscles. They are literally everywhere. We see them on social media, we see them on posters, on the street or in the gym. They are making it to look so easy making and maintaining such a body. But you know what is the difference between people with muscles and people without? The difference is that people with muscles are working towards these muscles and people without aren’t. But you have tried and it doesn’t seem to be working out for you? Do not fear, here we will list 7 top tips on how to go for bigger muscles for beginners

Stay Constant

The path of success is long, but nobody said that it has to be that hard. All that you need is 3 – 4 days a week, 20 minutes a day, and your body will start to look overwhelming. Good advice is to make a fixed hour for your training sessions and to do them like part of your daily routine. The best time to do your training sessions is in the morning, but if you prefer doing them in your lunch break or after the working day – it’s no problem at all. The one thing to do is to keep on the track and don’t give up exercises.

Perform The Right Way

Next tip is to know how to do your exercises correctly. The efficiency of 10 correctly made exercises is bigger than a 100 bad made. Breathing is another big part of the well-made exercises. Remember to always breathe in when you constrict the muscle, because blood and oxygen are going inside the muscle that way, and that helps the muscle to grow faster and get tired slower. Keep in mind that the proper breathing is 30% of the training. On the other hand, big percent of bodybuilders are making the mistake to rush their training, which gives 0% efficiency and it can turn out to be a total waste of time and energy. Not to mention you can injure yourself if you are in a hurry. Making the exercises like you are chased by demons will never make you look cool, if this is your point.

Exercises For You

Next thing on the list is to find the group of exercises that suits you. There are plenty of different exercises for one muscle group. Don’t make something that you don’t like, because you will get demotivated and your energy will start going down, and I’m sure you don’t want that. If you are a beginner and you prefer the gym, I don’t advise you to act frugal. Hire yourself a personal coach for the first month (or more). He will show you all the best for your goals, body shape and structure. They will also help you build a proper workout with the proper amount of reps that will best suit your goals.

Set Clear Goals

beginner-muscleNext tip is very important. Learn the type of body and shape you are training for (bulking or cutting). There are many muscle groups in the body and many different muscles in each group. You must prioritize the muscles you want to grow first. Then you must be sure what your goals are – to bulk up and get bigger, or to start cutting and focus on a more lean muscle look. This is important because it will dictate your diet and the exercises you do. It will be a mistake to go to the gym and do random exercises and train random muscle groups just for the sake of training.

You have to be clear on your goals and strongly familiar with the proper way of achieving them. If bulking is your goal, then you will be focusing more on strength and power that will put a lot of pressure on your muscles. This make them grow and get stronger. If cutting is your goal, then you will focus more on reps and light weight. What this will do is help you trim down fat and define your muscles, leaving you with a very attractive looking body shape. As mention a bit earlier, your diet will also be different.

The Diet

The next thing is to find yourself a proper diet that will suit on your taste and your goals. Eating junk food every day will make your body big for sure, but not the way you want it. Diets don’t have to be hard and difficult to make. Your diet must also be built around your goals – weight loss, fat burn, bulking or cutting. Diet is very important part of bodybuilding and you must be sure to have the proper one. Your muscle recovery after workout will depend mostly on the food you eat.

The Motivation

Find yourself a motivation, muse or whatever you need to keep you on track every day. Try watching videos how people successfully make their body transformations, listening to music that will uplift your spirit and energy, remember all the times someone told you that you can’t do it, that you can’t have an amazing body and prove them they are wrong. If that won’t help, finding a working out partner is always a good idea. This person will always be of a help to you for increase your training will and he won’t let you give up so easily. If you are so busy and have lost connection with your friends, this is a great thing that you can do together and you both will get amazing results.


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Stan Georgiev
Stan Georgiev

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