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The almighty Thor has entered the bodybuilding stage. Who doesn’t want to have the body of one of the most recognisable people on the planet?

Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor who really made his breakthrough when he god the chance to play Thor in the famous Marvel series. Of course, that was not his first role and thanks to that fact, we have plenty of images to compare and draw conclusions on the “on or not on steroids” question.

But anyway, it’s getting very common for big time actors these days to dedicate to bodybuilding. It’s like a job requirement to have a strong, ripped and bulky body. But how do they do it is the question? One thing is for sure, they do it with a super hero workout and a super hero diet. But that’s not the end for some actors.

And that is what we’re here to see: Did Chris Hemsworth take the juice or no.

Chris Hemsworth And Bodybuilding

Chris-skinnyHe was never really into bodybuilding in general but he was pretty much always in good shape. Chris himself has stated on many occasions that he is more into surfing than weight lifting and bodybuilding.

As we can see here from this picture, he wasn’t always muscular but he was still in a pretty good shape. It’s important to mention that in this picture he is about 21 years old. For a 21 year old kid with such body shape it would be easy to build high quality muscle later on.

He really got into bodybuilding back in 2009 when found out he has to become Thor. As Chris has stated many times before, the Thor workout was something he has never experienced before. He was around 25 years old at the time and thanks to his previous body shape, it wasn’t that hard to grow muscle.

But as the years past, maintaining that muscle and growing more on top was becoming more and more challenging. He slowly started to transform into a full time bodybuilder, preparing for movie after movie. Following a strict diet and a hard workout clearly did the trick, but was it enough to pack up those big guns?

Is Chris Hemsworth On Steroids?

Let’s examine the facts here. In an interview, Chris has stated that before Thor he was never really into bodybuilding. And you can easily see he was honest here. Looking at his pictures from Ca$h in 2010 he still had that surfer look. And according to leaked information, he gained only 20lb between Ca$h and Thor.

This is a clear sign that he did not take any steroids because it’s normal for a non-bodybuilder to gain 20lb of muscle for less than 12 months. If he was taking steroids for Thor (2011) he would have packed over 40lb at least.

The next time he played Thor was in 2012, he had more time to build muscle and the difference between 2011 and 2012 is not that big. Not to mention that he does not show any physical signs of taking steroids.

And the same pretty much goes on until 2017. At this date, Chris Hemsworth has packed one of the biggest muscles in Hollywood but he still doesn’t show any signs of steroid use. He is either natural, or doing a really good job at hiding.

The Answer

Chris-Hemsworth-muscleNo, it doesn’t seem like Chris Hemsworth is on steroids. But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t taking any other bodybuilding supplements. But we can’t judge him for that.

In reality, judging from his young pictures, Chris does look like he has the body shape that can easily build a lot of quality and good looking muscle. Maybe his surfing years when he was young were enough to prepare his body for the hard bodybuilding that he did later on.

If only all of us had such genetics… the world would be a better place.

However, do not despair my friends, you too can have a body like the mighty Thor himself. All you need to do is dedicate yourself to a hardcore muscle building workout and a super bulking diet.

Being a bodybuilder is not easy, but having those muscles really do make life much more interesting.

Build Muscles Like Thor

Not all of us can have the same genetics like Chris, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have the same muscle mass. With the right diet and the right workout, everything is possible.

No build a body like Thor, you need to go on a bulking cycle. That means heavy lifting and heavy diet rich on muscle building food.

There are various supplements that can help you out during workout. We have listed some of the best bulking supplements you can add to your workout to speed up your results and boost up the quality of your muscles:


Anadrole-smallThis is a bulking supplement classified as a legal steroid alternative. It comes with a wide range of benefits for your body, muscles and workout that can speed up your muscle growth. Anadrole boost oxygen transportation in your body, energizing your muscles, giving you strength and delaying fatigue, This way you can lift harder and build more muscle mass.

But that’s not all, Anadrole also helps during recovery after an intense workout. The quality protein and the increased protein synthesis support your muscle growth not only during workout, but during rest as well.

Drill Master

Drill-master-smallThis supplement is also classified as a legal steroid alternative. However, there is a big difference here compared to Anadrole – Drill Master is 100% USA exclusive. Bummer if you live outside of the US. For those of you who can get access to this supplement, go for it. It’s a great muscle building agent that has the potential to boost performance and support muscle growth.

In America, Drill Master is considered a military grade supplement. It comes with very powerful and potent ingredients that can surely knock the socks off of every bodybuilder. Just be sure to use Drill Master with a hard and powerful workout.

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Stan Georgiev
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