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MarineMuscle Cutting Capsules 30 USA $64.99


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As a bodybuilder I understand your worry, everyone around you is working on getting their bodies ripped through to their at most satisfaction. I also relate to you out there who are getting insecure with your spouses over the new perfects cuts and curves you competition has acquired.

You should know these cuts are products of stressful hours of toils at the gym. For the body to attain this curves you really cannot rely on juice and basic protein diets. Your gym efforts have to be supplemented by something more potent. If you are in search of a bodybuilding supplement that has the potential to transform your workout, then you have to check out General from Marine Muscle.

What is General?

General is a legal steroid alternative from Marine Muscle. An HGH formula that is highly effective in building those lean muscle as well as burning fats.

General from Marine Muscle is a supplement that is designed for people who wish to get their beach body ready. It’s a product designed to boost power, stamina and energy for peak physical condition and a very potent workout regime. With this supplement, you will be able to burn fat and build lean muscle mass for the ultimate cutting look.

This is a stand alone supplement, meaning it’s not a part of any ongoing Marine Muscle Stacks. That is probably one of the biggest downsides. The reason for that is the price. Since General is not a part of any stacks, you will have to pay the full price for it.

However, this supplement is designed for the hard core bodybuilders out there. It provides enough kick to transform your powerful workout into a true muscle building machine. General is not a supplement for absolute beginners. It’s most effective with people who just need to shape up their body.

So if you already have the size and just need to drop down the fat, build up your lean muscle mass and shred like a pro, General is for you.

Who made it?

General is made and sold by Marine Muscle. They are based in the USA and all their products are 100% made and sold only in the USA. Tough look for the rest of the world.

Marine Muscle have specialized in the production of legal steroid alternatives. A pretty new niche in the bodybuilding industry. They design their products to mimic the effects of anabolic steroids, but without the side effects (as long as you follow the instructions of course).

They are pretty popular in America, mainly because of their powerful formula and stack discounts. One of the biggest benefits of shopping from the manufacturer is the fact that you pay the lowest price.


How Does General Work?

As we age, our hormone production starts to decline. This is considered normal. However, for bodybuilders, these hormones play a huge role for performance and muscle growth. General is a safe alternative to HGH that allows you burn fat and build lean muscle mass faster.

The formula is designed to stimulate your muscles and boosting protein synthesis for more effective workout. Every General supplement is comprised of 20 grams of amino acid l-arginine, which is responsible for the provision of insulin and growth hormones, energizing your muscles as well as pushing you to your limits. With the presence of this component, you will be neck to neck with your potential, enabling you to triumph workouts as you replenish your muscle growth.

Taking General will unlock the soldier in you, allowing you to outperform even your wildest dreams. You will quickly begin to notice change in your muscles. If you are looking for the ultimate cutting stand alone supplement, then this is for you.

Benefits of General

  • Studies have shown that protein is most important for muscle growth. For that reason, the protein synthesis boost that comes with General will allow your body to better utilize the “food” that fuels your muscles.
  • This legal steroid is great at stimulating HGH production, for maximum fat burn and lean muscle growth. When combined with the right diet and a powerful workout, you can expect maximum results, quickly.
  • You can quickly reach top physical condition with the use of General. It’s great for shaping out the best biceps, abs, pecks and obliques.
  • With this legal steroid, you will have a solid boost in strength, stamina and energy which can translate into pure muscle mass.


Price and Shipping

As mentioned before, General is a stand alone supplement priced at $64.99. The saddest part is that this supplement is not a part of any stacks, meaning you can’t get a discount in any way.

As for the shipping, it’s free. That’s a great plus, considering the “above the average” price of this individual legal steroid. General as well as all other Marine Muscle products are exclusive to the USA market. Designed by hard core American bodybuilders and sold only to die hard American bodybuilders.

For me personally, USA exclusiveness is always a bad thing for a number of reasons. There are bodybuilders all over the world and if they want to get their hands on such products, they have to pay extra and order it from a certified distributor.

But I guess we can understand why so many manufacturers chose to go down the “USA exclusive” path. There are different rules and regulations everywhere. And Marine Muscle clearly wants to offer an effective legal steroid alternative that works, even if that means making it “USA only”.


If you an American, and if you are a hard core bodybuilder, then this supplement might be just for you. Great for losing fat and building more lean muscle.

General is a great booster that can and will take your workout to the next level. Not to mention the extra protein synthesis – Your diet will now be even more effective. Your muscles will not only be stronger, but they will also be boosted and fed for the ultimate muscle building experience.


  • Boost power, stamina and energy
  • Burn fat
  • Build lean muscle
  • Improve performance


  • Stand alone supplement
  • USA exclusive
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Stan Georgiev
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