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Hello and welcome to Muscle Bash. Your number one place online for complete supplements and legal steroids reviews. We started this blog thanks to the passion we have about bodybuilding, big muscles, good looking bodies and healthy lifestyle. Muscle Bash is the place where we are going to give you a lot of information about how to properly build your workout and how to avoid mistakes in the gym.

Here you will find tons of bodybuilding and weight loss articles that will help you better understand how your body works and what you must do to faster achieve better quality results.

Who Are We?

My name is Stanislav (Stan) Georgiev and I was born in 1989. I always had passion for sports. I spend most of my child years playing soccer and baseball with my friends. It was in my late teenage years when I found my love for weight lifting and bodybuilding. It started when I found out that girls liked boys with big and good looking muscles. I started doing bodyweight exercises and quickly fell in love with the feeling of sore muscles. After that I moved to the garage where I would lift buckets of water. I took my first supplement when I was 19 years old because I wanted to be in top shape for when I go to college.

At 22 years old, with the help of my father, we opened our small local gym. By that time I already had a lot of experience with supplements and how bodybuilding works so I was confident I will be able to help my members with their workouts and supplementation.

I met Julia Vern at table tennis class in college. We quickly found common ground since she was a professional table tennis player who spends tons of time improving her physique and performance. She knows a lot about natural weight loss ingredients and is now working as a professional fitness instructor.

Muscle Bash for us is a place where we can combine and collect our knowledge about bodybuilding and supplements. A place for us to give you deep reviews that will help you pick the right product for you and fully maximize your workout.


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